OLIVER HAZARD is an American indie folk band from Waterville, Ohio. Their music is a ramshakle of uprooted-folk stomp, a chain gang choir of three.

host us in your living room!

Dear potential living room concert hosts, 

We believe that our fans deserve better than a loud bar. We have found that the most magical moments are born out of intimate venues. That is where your living room comes in. 

This is how it works!

The most important thing to understand for the living room concert series is that YOU are 100% in charge of the the show and invitations. As for the music, we will take it from there. 

*indoor concerts ONLY at the time

*these shows are ALL acoustic, unless discussed otherwise 


This is usually a ticketed event. And YOU set the ticket price. There are multiple ways you can handle this.

  1. Eventbrite.com is a super easy way to create an event page, set a ticket price, and send the link to your friends with your invitations. Eventbrite does the rest.

  2. You may also collect a physical, suggested donations from your attendees at the door, on the night of the concert. 


We asked our hosts to guarantee a minimum of 35-40 attendees. We have this guarantee only to make sure that our host take the concert seriously and do the BEST they can in promoting the event! 


We recommend using an email list or a facebook event page to invite friends to a living room concert. Things to include in your invitation: 

  1. photos of the band

  2. link to band’s music + youtube videos

  3. link to purchase tickets

  4. date, time, location, schedule, what to bring, etc.  

  5. house rules & crowd expectations


This may sound like A LOT of people in your small living room, BUT it is all about how you organize your guests in the room. We recommend a combination of floor pillows, folding chairs and standing room.

Here is our breakdown: 

  • Average Living Room: 60-70 people 

  • Large Living Room: 70-100+ people 

  • Small Living Room: 40-50 people  


You can host a concert ANY day of the week.


6pm - Oliver Hazard arrives to unload equipment

7pm - Guests arrive for social hour 

8pm - Oliver Hazard begins a 1 hour acoustic set

9pm - Meet the band + final social hour + merchandise sales

10pm - Finish.

*please include your name, a little bit about yourself, how you heard about us, living room location, and a few potential dates that work best for you!


oliver hazard